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WHY CHOOSE Ebla International School?

Ebla International School is proud of its confident and successful experience Qatar and seeks to transfer its accumulated experience in education to Erbil through an exceptional experience that cultivates academic excellence, promotes global citizenship, and celebrates cultural diversity.

Ebla International School

From Qatar to Erbil

A Journey of Trust and Success

world of learning and discovery!

Our passionate team of educators comprises experienced professionals who are not only experts in their fields but also compassionate mentors, guiding students on their educational journey. We take pride in fostering a supportive community that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning.


The mission of Ebla International School is to provide an international education that prepares students to thrive in an interconnected world

The International vision of Ebla is to be a leading international educational institution that inspires lifelong learners and develops a global mindset

Ebla School offers the Pearson International Curriculum, which promises a holistic educational experience that emphasizes academic excellence, skill development, and global awareness.

Our schools rely on the Pearson methodology in teaching their distinguished students

Our Educational Stages

Nurturing Lifelong Learners: Exploring Educational Stages

Here, we celebrate the journey of learning and the educational stages that shape the lives of our students. From the early years of curiosity and wonder to the transformative experiences of adolescence and the preparation for higher education, each stage plays a vital role in nurturing lifelong learners. Join us as we delve into the significance and unique characteristics of each educational stage, highlighting the opportunities for growth and development along the way.



Ebla International School

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انضم إلى طلابنا واستمتع بالتعلم في مدرسة ايبلا

بەشێک بە لە قوتابخانەی ئێبلا بۆ بەدەستهێنانی پەروەردەیەکی زیرەک و بەنرخ.